Throw Away Your Business Card!

Over 27 Million business cards are printed daily. Why? It’s a part of our culture! If you don’t have a business card, you’re “unprofessional” and “won’t be considered” for your product or service.

REALLY?? Or, are you just old fashioned? Are you missing a new trend?

In just a short few years, AirBNB has turned the hotel industry upside down and Uber is negatively impacting automotive demand. Will you be left behind?

How many times do you text or email a picture from your cell phone? 77% of Americans have smartphones. Even the best salespeople sometimes don’t have a business card – Yet, they always have their cell phone!
CenturyLink and other enterprises are experimenting with video business cards. There’s two reason’s video business cards are catching on. First, many salespeople never leave their desk. So, a digital introduction is their only option. Second, a digital introduction provides the ability to show and tell much more than the traditional wallet-sized, paper business card.



These were shot by a professional videographer with special lighting and a green screen. Do you need to go to this extent for yours? How important is the quality of your business card? 72% of people judge a company or person by the quality of their business card and 39% would choose not to do business with someone if they have a “cheap looking” business card. You can create business cards on your home printer and video business cards on your cell phone.

Spend the same time, energy and effort you spent picking a printer picking a videographer. Find a company with experience. They should have a copyrighter help you with your script or outline. Shorter is better! Work from an outline if possible. It should give you key talking points you’ll naturally explain. The advantage of a script is you can shave unnecessary words. Think of one of The Beatles’ hits. Every word makes sense. A good copyrighter will help make your script concise and more impactful.

They should coach you to relax and shoot several takes so the final edit includes your best effort. Most people are terrified of a camera. Even top notch salespeople get butterflies. Good videographers will have you speak to them while they stand beside the camera. You’ll have a conversation with them vs. the camera. If you’re OK with speaking directly into the camera, go for it. The final video will have you looking into your viewer’s eyes.

Stand-up for the shoot. Don’t sit down. Don’t sit behind your desk. Stand up. You’ll sound and look better.

Most videographers visit your office to preview the shoot. Most conference rooms can be converted to a studio. The cost is higher than most business cards but not unaffordable if you schedule a group shoot. Plan 20-30 minutes per person. Even the most camera shy people take about 10 minutes but if you give them more than enough time they tell the next person it’s a snap and you’ll see everyone get into it.

Just like your business cards your video business cards should follow your branding guidelines. Your thumbnail should be you, your name and title.

So, should you really throw away your business card? Probably not for the foreseeable future. However, if you have a video business card you’ll look progressive and have a jump on your competition!

Stay tuned and in my follow-up I’ll write about where to post your video business cards. YouTube is both good and bad. I’ll also tell how you can repurpose videographer time shooting video business cards to shoot video job postings.


– Media272, Aug. 2017 –

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