Portland Business Journal: “Big Tech Companies are Hiring!”

This article appears in its entirety on KGW.com thanks to the work of Andy Giegerich, Digital Managing Editor for the Portland Business Journal. Click here for the complete text, published August 24th, 2017.

When Portland-area tech companies are hiring, it’s good all-around news for business.

Just ask Jon Nigbor, president of Media272. Among other specialties, the company crafts videos that helps its clients recruit new employees.

“The landscape is so fragmented,” Nigbor said. “Gone are the days of simply placing an ad in the local newspaper. Today, there are countless job listing websites and Glassdoor.com.”

What exactly are those companies seeking? Employees, quite simply, who fit.

“The hot topic today is culture … Top candidates will filter between postings with and without video,” he said. “Company team leaders and team members need to show and tell who they are and what sets them apart. They’ve got to demonstrate their culture. There’s no right or wrong way to show culture but you’ve got to show it and have those who create it talk about it.”

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