Don’t Miss the Networking Revolution

Not so long ago, you could walk into any office in the country and watch people patter away at typewriters. These bulky machines were an essential tool of the workplace, but as computers grew more common, the typewriter quickly became defunct.

So, too, is the traditional paper Business Card. People have given out cards to promote themselves for hundreds of years, but like so many old customs, tech is rendering it an increasingly redundant practice.




Meanwhile, a younger, more environmentally conscious generation is flooding the workforce and shaping future trends, making eco-friendly business practices more important than ever. Furthermore, this multi-screen generation grew up with the Internet and has learned to Require speed and efficiency in every task.

For this growing digital population, a business card stops being useful the moment its information enters a phone.

That could happen the instant they snap a photo of the card. After that, the card itself is useless. A waste of space and paper, soon to end up in a landfill.

So why do we still have cards? It has to be more than just tradition for tradition’s sake, right?

1. Keep Me in Mind!

A key reason people still use physical business cards is that they have a “front of mind” advantage, in that whoever you give it to will (hopefully) remember you when they see the card again later.

But the thing is, 88% of business cards are thrown away within a week. Once it’s gone, so is your influence.


The other reason cards remain is that business cards are easy. It doesn’t take any effort to hand someone a small piece of cardboard.

BUT, while this sounds like an advantage at first glance, it’s actually a problem!

Since anyone can hand over a business card, how do you expect to stand out?

In the age of smartphones, the business card swap has been reduced to an impactless formality in typical introductions.

So, what if you could turn a typical encounter into a remarkable one by sharing something memorable?

In the time it takes to enter someone’s phone number, you could just as easily link them to your website – or better yet, a video business card. Video business cards are the digital way to show the unique value you have to offer. They don’t waste paper like physical cards, you can send infinite copies, and they show the identity of your brand. More importantly, they’re memorable and unique.

Companies like Media272 and WorkForce Videos specialize in video business cards. They offer professional videographers in most major metro U.S. markets, and they shoot on-location with your actual staff and customers around your schedule.
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– Drew Estes, October 2017 –

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