How To: Leverage Video Business Cards


As you may know, traditional paper business cards are going out of style. A better alternative is the video business card – a personalized video to explain your business and the unique value you offer.

But how do we use them in practice? Their electronic nature means you have more flexibility in how you choose utilize them, and some methods may suit your needs better than others.




Here are some great ways to share your video business card:

1. On Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is a great way to showcase your career achievements and expertise, but the text-based platform lacks the richness offered by video. People want to assess your personality and competence when deciding if they want to work with you, but doing this can be difficult when not speaking face-to-face. A video business card allows potential clients to get a better sense of who you are.

2. On Your Website

Whether you’re a major corporation or a small local business, you want your website to convey professionalism to customers in a way that has a human touch and builds trust. Sure, people can read a list of your values, your mission, or your history, but those alone lack the sincerity your voice provides. Upgrade your generic “About Us” section and set yourself apart with video — one that engages potential customers and gives your business a face.

3. In Person

Show it off – makes it a great conversation piece. You have a high quality video that grabs a viewer’s attention and concisely explains who you are and what you do. Maybe you store a copy on your phone, or maybe you keep it on YouTube for easy sharing. Either way, pull it up and let it make your elevator pitch in a memorable way.

4. In Your Email Signature

In today’s busy world, we don’t have time to explain our work to everyone. But with a small link in your email signature, or even in a text message, you can give anyone you interact with the option to quickly learn more about you on their own time. This way, you avoid coming off as “salesy” while still letting potential customers or clients learn about what you have to offer.

Video business cards are an innovative new way to present yourself professionally. They provide a richer medium that lets you humanize your business to potential customers, and because they have a different presentation than paper cards, you can share them in a variety of new ways to more effectively build relationships.

While this list has some great ideas for sharing your video, a little creativity can take you a long way. Check out WorkForce Videos for some other great examples, or leave your personal stories in the comments below!



– Drew Estes, November 2017 –

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