Value of Video

As we get into the swing of 2018, it’s important to pause and examine what’s changing in marketing — and boy are things are changing fast. Videos have become increasingly prevalent as a means of communication, from news feeds to emails and the homepages of websites.

However, this is hardly surprising when you look at the power they hold.




Consider an email marketing campaign. These days, four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. What’s more, without video you risk losing potential customers: 25% of people actually lose interest if a company doesn’t have video.

Videos allow for a range of strategies to make your content more engaging and persuasive. From music to graphics to factoids, you can do a lot more than just advertise.

Marketers generally agree successful content should be polished and professional. But research shows content should also inform and entertain, connect emotionally, build trust, and strengthen customer relationships.

This illustrates a key insight in marketing: it’s not about having the greatest tech or the latest promotional gimmick. It’s about building relationships with customers, and giving them quality content that demonstrates the value your business provides.

While hard sells might seem tempting, effective videos should serve to help customers, answer questions, and ultimately establish trust. In fact, consumers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching an online video about it.

One of the key ways to building a trusting relationship, aside from offering value, is to show potential customers who you are. Our past articles have discussed the value of video business cards for you and your employees through Workforce Videos. After all, featuring company employees in your video significantly increases its trust factor.

Another underutilized form of video is the customer testimonial. People turn to online reviews now more than ever when deciding whether to trust a company, but unfortunately many of these reviews are anonymous. A video testimonial from a previous customer allows you to give a face to these reviews.

Common obstacles to creating customer testimonials, such as scheduling issues or production quality, can be overcome by utilizing Win-Win Videos. We film an informative testimonial from your established customers, and in exchange for their time produce for them 3 additional videos absolutely FREE – truly a Win-Win situation!



– DREW ESTES, February 2018 –

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