Behind-the-scenes photo of a Media272 videographer setting up for a shoot with CenturyLink

6 Easy Ways to Drive Sales with Video

You don’t live under a rock, so by now you probably know the power of online video. It raises a customer’s confidence in your company. It leads to dramatic increases in revenue.1 But even so, not all video is created equal. The videos that work in one industry might not be the best choice for another. So how do you decide which video marketing materials are best for you?

Behind-the-scenes photo of a Media272 videographer setting up for a shoot with CenturyLink

1. How-To Guides and Explainers for Your Product

Whether it’s a product or a service, sometimes you need to explain what you offer. If your company has a more complex buying process, you can put your customers’ minds at ease by walking them through it. Or, if your product has a learning curve, create some short and simple videos explaining how to use it best.

If you’re like Media272, you might have a service that requires some explanation. Videos like this can help clarify what you offer:


2. Explainers Related to Your Industry

You don’t need to stop with videos about your own products. Demonstrate your expertise in your industry by offering tips, tricks, and instructions related to your product. For instance, a real estate company could show how to make a home look more spacious and welcoming. A car dealership could share advice on maintaining your new car, or even getting the best value out of an old one.

These types of videos are a great tool for inbound marketing, because more people will find your website when searching for related content. In short, these videos make you more relevant to potential customers. This broader expertise helps establish you as an authority within your industry.

Remember, not every video needs to be serious. Have some fun!

Bonus tip: More videos mean a big boost to SEO. Maximize your results by giving your videos relevant titles and tags. This way you can improve your rankings in Google search results.

3. Behind the Scenes

This is a useful strategy if you’re a larger company trying to show people a more human side. It could be a short documentary-style clip, showing the people behind the product, or it could be a “How It’s Made” video showing the steps involved in creating your product.

If you want to target a younger audience (particularly below the age of 30), consider using Snapchat and Instagram stories. These short videos are gone within a day, but are much more personal and provide a brief glimpse into your company.

In this video, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the Tesla factory, showing some of the assembly process and the impressive technology involved in Tesla’s car-making process:

4. Video Business Cards

We’ve written about video business cards before (sometimes called digital business cards), as they are particularly useful for anyone looking for more clients, B2B or otherwise. These are short clips of individuals within your company, sharing who they are and what they have to offer.

A professional video service that produces high quality videos will help establish you as a reputable company with trustworthy employees. Here’s some further explanation of video business cards, and this is an example of what they can look like:

Bonus tip: Stand out in your emails to prospective clients by linking to your video business card!

5. Events and Announcements

Bring people into your workplace to announce upcoming events or updates to your products. These can be perfect for sneak peeks that give the feeling of “exclusive access” that so many people crave. Consider live interviews with employees, or teasers of things to come. If you have a popular event or sale, this could be a great opportunity for extra video promotion. Don’t waste it!

When Google rolled out “Google Now,” they made this video that doubles as both an Announcement of the new product, and an Explainer of what the product is:

6. Testimonials

If you watched the video under the first point, you probably understand how video testimonials can be useful. Videos of real customers sharing a positive experience with your company are a great way to build confidence in your brand. Media272 offers a unique arrangement for video testimonials from B2B clients in the form of Win-Win Videos, as well as testimonials from B2C customers in the form of WhyYou Videos.  

Here is a straightforward example of a B2C testimonial:


Most customers say video gives them higher confidence in a brand. So it should come as little surprise that more than 7 out of 10 marketers report video converts more customers than any other marketing channel. Clearly, video works.

If you have videos but aren’t sure how to use them effectively, check out this article on 5 Video Marketing Tips to Attract More Customers Than Ever. If you want to learn more about getting started with video, follow the link below and jumpstart your marketing efforts.



– Drew Estes, May 2018 –

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