Media272 videographer capturing footage for a client

The Next Big Thing in Video Testimonials?

How is the shared economy making video testimonials more accessible?

Media272 videographer capturing footage for a client

You may already be familiar with the idea of the “shared economy,” or “sharing economy.” Odds are, you’ve participated in it. Airbnb, Lyft, Uber, TaskRabbit, or SideCar, to name a few, have succeeded in similar business strategies, where people can offer their homes, cars, time, or space to those who want affordable rates and better choices. These companies offer competitive prices and more customized services due to their strategy. So how can you make this work for your company?

Let’s say you want to hire professional videographers to record a testimonial from the client about their experience with you. A request like this can often come across as unprofessional, so you want to do it right. Paying them for one seems a bit tacky as well, and by the way, is it even legal?

Picture this instead: You finish some work for a client of yours. You did a great job, they’re happy. You send a crew of professional videographers to your client’s business. These videographers film high-quality testimonials for you and capture what your client thinks about your business. While there, the videographers also film a multi-video set of marketing materials for the client, free of charge.

With a video production service like Win-Win Videos, this benefits everyone: you receive video testimonial to use for your marketing, as well as stronger relationships with your client for providing them with this service. Your client receives complimentary marketing materials in exchange for their time, and Media272 demonstrates for the client just how useful Win-Win Videos can be, which often earns us another satisfied customer.

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Common Questions

While this video marketing arrangement works wonders and benefits everyone involved, it may sound complicated at first, and you probably have questions. Read on for answers to some common questions.

1. Why Bother with this “Shared Economy” Angle?

The Shared Economy strategy proves itself most valuable in its efficiency. Its key advantage lies in eliminating excess costs and wasteful practices: by capturing video for both you and your fellow business simultaneously, Win-Win Videos effectively cuts travel and labor costs, which in turn saves you money.

2. How Can Testimonials Benefit My Business?

You can leverage testimonials as a powerful and persuasive marketing tool: rather than trust traditional advertisements, people would much rather listen to what other customers have to say. Customers who trust your business are much more likely to buy from you, and building customer trust is one of the major strengths of testimonials. While text-based testimonials can help with this, video offers a much more personal way for people to hear about a company from a “real” person, as opposed to text on a page.

3. When is the Best Time to Ask for Client Testimonials?

Right after you’ve finished work for them, when they are happy with the results and the memory is fresh in their mind. People will remember more small details during these periods, which make for much more compelling testimonials. Plus, the genuine enthusiasm will show through!

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Happy customers make great testimonials

4. How Should I Use Video Testimonials in My Company’s Marketing?

The great part about video testimonials is their versatility: you can use them almost anywhere. Use them in your emails, on your website, on your social media platforms, at trade shows — the list goes on! For more info, learn how to leverage your videos more effectively, or if you have plan to advertise directly with them, check out how to use Facebook targeted ads to promote your business with video!

Whether showcasing your best customers and clients through testimonials, or walking a customer through your services and products, Media272 works with you to create all the video marketing materials you need.

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– Drew Estes, October 2018 –

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