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The B2B Marketing Channel Your Competitors Aren’t Using


As a marketer or decision maker in your company, you’d love to find a lucky break. Something your competitors aren’t taking advantage of. So what if there were a platform hiding in plain sight, broadly overlooked within your industry? Here’s the thing: there is.

The Overlooked B2B Marketing Channel

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To examine this situation, let’s meet Jeff. Jeff is a B2B marketer at Hypothetical Business Corporation of America (HBCA). Like nearly two out of three marketers these days, he spends a significant amount of time on social media each week – over six hours, to be precise. Countless ads appear in front of him during this time, and he understands that targeted ads from social media sites like Facebook can bring in many new customers. However, as a B2B marketer, he’s hesitant to invest there. LinkedIn and email seem like better bets for connecting with other businesses.

This makes sense: LinkedIn is a great place to engage with other businesses and like-minded professionals, in theory. But how many people are logging onto it multiple times a day just to browse? What Jeff doesn’t consider at first is that he’s not the only marketer using Facebook. As he looks at his newsfeed though, he realizes another business could just as easily advertise to him there. So with some research, he’s surprised to learn business decision makers each day spend 74% more time on Facebook than other people on the platform. That is to say, they’re using Facebook more often than end-consumers, and yet most the marketing community believes otherwise.

almost 1 in 3 marketers do not plan to use facebook in their marketing

As he continues his research, Jeff learns how Facebook has become the preferred social channel for B2B decision makers. In fact, 1 in 4 B2B executives in a study cited Facebook as their preferred social media platform when seeking information on a purchasing decision, ranking it ahead of LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook seems like the way to go, yet somehow almost a third of marketers do not plan to use Facebook in their own B2B marketing.

Jeff concludes that his ads on Facebook would have less competition and would perform better than those on his normal marketing channels.

Jeff knows he can’t ignore information like this, so he gets to work. As a savvy marketer, he knows video ads perform better than images or text online and are thus more likely to catch the attention of an executive scrolling down his or her newsfeed. He compares the costs to his other marketing efforts, and realizes he can put video ads on Facebook for a fraction of the price per thousand impressions, compared to other methods:

comparison of media costs per thousand impressions
According to Lyfe Marketing, the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) on social media can be as low as $2.50.

Jeff finds a company to produce videos for him at a competitive rate, and hires them to produce a range of marketing videos to use on Facebook. He also realizes there are other places he can use the videos and get more for his money, and decides to leverage this content as much as possible. Between his social media advertising and clever placement of video content across other digital platforms, his slow trickle of new clients increases to a steady flow, and all for a fraction of what he might have paid elsewhere.


For B2B companies, Facebook doesn’t seem like a place to find customers, and while you’re not alone in this type of thinking, it turns out this is a huge misconception. Firstly, social media can help improve your search engine rankings, which means more qualified customers will stumble onto your site while on Googling business solutions. (Read our article on SEO for more information about improving your ranking in search results). Further, business decision makers spend more time on Facebook than most end-consumers and often use it to research a business, meaning your marketing dollars can go a lot further than you or your competitors think. To learn more about how to advertise your business on Facebook, check out this article on targeted Facebook ads.

If you’re like Jeff, you want a variety of branded videos, but you want professional quality shooting and editing from a company that won’t break the bank. So when you find a national video production company like Media272 that offers just that, you can solve your marketing problems right then and there.

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– Drew Estes, November 2018 –

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