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A Lesson in Successful Marketing from Rytec High Performance Doors


When your key product has such a wide range of benefits, marketing can become a challenge. Not that a great product is more difficult to sell, but because a diverse customer base means a diverse range of needs, these segments must often be addressed in different ways. Even if your product would help the customer in question, how are they supposed to figure that out if you’re pitching them on benefits that don’t apply to their needs?

If there’s one company that excels in this area of marketing, it’s Rytec High Performance Doors. But how?

Rytec doors logo

While at first glance, a high-performance door might strike you as a product without much variation, where one door is as good as the next, no matter the industry. With a wide range of quality products, Rytec has proven just how much more a door can be, and have created a specificity in their marketing that addresses the diverse needs of their growing customer base.

Their customers in the auto dealership industry, for instance, recognize the benefits of a door that makes a great first impression and contains a “wow” factor. A responsive automatic door that opens and closes quickly creates the image of professionalism and tech-forwardness that dealerships want to convey. Not to mention that the speed of the door allows cars to move fluidly between areas while keeping employees and customers in a comfortable environment. In this example, Watkins thoughtfully leverages an auto dealership customer to provide testimony of Rytec’s value to prospective dealerships.

Watkins shifts this angle for residential high-rise buildings where residents park their vehicles. Security is their priority. In this market he emphasizes the strength and safety of the doors. Watkins also understands how owners of large buildings have numerous tenants with busy schedules. They’re not happy if they must wait in a line to enter or exit their building. In this example, a customer’s building facility management highlights the safety, security, aesthetic, and speed of Rytec doors.

While these first examples might make Rytec doors seem like a simple commercial-use door company, their market segments extend into industries like restaurants, offering doors that look great, function smoothly, are easy to maintain and provide customers with ample natural light. In this example, Watkins features a hip pizza restaurant customer talking about how Rytec doors enhance their atmosphere.

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– Drew Estes, January 2019 –

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