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Customers today have access to more information than ever, which means you and your clients need to be experts on your product. Matt DiPaulo, Castrol’s Channel Marketing Manager, is constantly challenged with educating the shops who use Castrol oil, as well as the prospects who may not understand the value Castrol oil provides their shop. How does he address this?

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DiPaulo turned to one of Castrol’s most successful shops for help. By doing so, he made his client stand out as an expert, providing useful information on his products. His client actually made his job easier, and made Castrol more relevant to existing customers and prospects. Other shops were naturally more inclined to trust the testimonials about Castrol lubricant technology from a fellow shop in their industry, rather than someone trying to sell it to them.

Of course, DiPaulo and his team had to carefully consider who that customer spokesperson would be. Ultimately, they chose Wofford’s European Car. DiPaulo partnered with WinWinVideos to reward Wofford’s with a video of their shop, a video to help recruit technicians, and a client testimonial, all in exchange for his marketing testimonial.

In this resulting video testimonial, Wofford’s is clearly an industry expert on how durable Castrol’s products are, how they reduce engine wear and noise, and how they increase fuel economy. Customers want to hear relevant benefits like this from a trusted expert, which is why this testimonial worked. This story offers a valuable lesson on how to excel in your B2B efforts: always establish win-win partnerships with your clients.

Customers in every industry are your best ally. Reward those who are your most passionate: they are your best cheerleaders to win new customers and encourage underperforming customers to step up to the next level. Think of creative ways to reward those customers — in doing so, you make a commitment to your customer that ensures a lasting, trusting relationship.

With strategies like this, it’s no wonder Castrol has established itself as such a market leader. Thankfully though, the rest of us can use these lessons too. If you want to build win-win relationships with your clients and use this momentum to earn even more clients, look no further than Media272’s WinWinVideos.


– Drew Estes, February 2019 –

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