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Win-Win Marketing with Rhino Linings

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With over four million customers and 600 applicators nationwide, it’s no wonder Rhino Linings Corporation (“Rhino”) is the nation’s #1 bed liner brand. They’re a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of spray-on protective linings, coatings, spray foams, and application equipment. From this success, Rhino has formed several strategic business units, from Rhino Vehicle Protection and Rhino Industrial to Rhino Concrete Solutions and more.

But despite global recognition, expansion always has its challenges. Whether or not you’re an industry leader like Rhino, it can be difficult to communicate the superior quality, strength, and durability of your product when developing new business relationships.

As Global Marketing Manager for Rhino, Amber Marks is always looking for ways to expand the brand in various retail and commercial industries. Part of her job involves creating digital marketing and e-marketing campaigns, so she found a few ways they could leverage the power of online video to overcome communication challenges and build relationships with new clients.

Product Demonstration Videos

Product videos are a powerful way to demonstrate the quality of your product, and help customers visualize using it. In this video, visitors at SEMA Show tried to test the strength of Rhino Linings coats. By setting up a fun and interactive exhibit, then hiring Media272 to produce a video of it, Marks demonstrated the superior performance of Rhino products, and now she can reuse the video as often as she wants.

Supplier Testimonials

While product videos are great for customers, potential suppliers sometimes need a bit more convincing. This is where B2B testimonials are pivotal. For this, Marks turned again to Media272 to capture WinWin video testimonials from some of Rhino’s best shops.

In this testimonial, R.T.A.C. of San Diego say that since Rhino products are so popular in domestic and international markets, sales are a breeze. With the quality and impressive versatility of Rhino Linings products, they explain, business owners who use Rhino products can fly past the competition.

Similarly, Rhino Linings of Utah County raves about how their customers associate Rhino products with quality and reliability, which makes marketing incredibly easy.

Client Testimonials

With client reviews like these, it shouldn’t surprise you that High Impact Technologies (HIT), a supplier to the U.S. military, trusts Rhino Linings to protect the lives of American soldiers. Amber recognized this opportunity to show the reliability of Rhino products, and sponsored a WinWin Video testimonial from them.

In it, Russ Monk of HIT describes how Rhino helped them take an idea to protect military convoys and turn it into a reality within 10 days. He chooses Rhino because his company can’t afford to worry about warranty or quality issues: “it has to be right.”


Through product videos and testimonials from suppliers and clients, Amber Marks of Rhino Linings harnessed the power of online video. As a way of thanks, the WinWin Video package allowed Marks to sponsor videos for each of these shops and clients.

Rhino’s quality provides peace of mind, and videos like these help Marks communicate that value and tell Rhino’s story to potential clients, all while building relationships in the process. Now that’s a win-win.

By Drew Estes – March, 2019

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