Don’t Waste Your Marketing Budget: Lessons from CUDL

How CUDL Video Producer Shandin Fisher Saves Time and Money by Hiring an External Video Team

Credit Union Direct Lending, or CUDL, is a system developed by CU Direct to provide easy access to credit union financing for local dealers. The CUDL team prides itself in bringing innovation and expertise to indirect lending, and they’re widely considered the best at what they do.

However, despite a strong product and a talented internal video production team for marketing, CUDL video producer Shandin Fisher couldn’t ignore the unnecessary costs and inefficiencies of flying videographers to clients in different states. When you have clients across the country, travel expenses add up fast, and your employees’ time is valuable.

Fisher seized the opportunity to outsource some of his video production needs to WinWin Videos. WinWin has a nationwide network of videographers who shoot multiple videos while on location. This maximized Fisher’s return on investment while freeing up his hands for other work.

The Plan

With the WinWin service, he sponsored a set of professional videos for some of his best clients around the country to help them with their marketing and recruiting. In return, each client provided feedback about CUDL, explaining how CUDL helped their business. The uniformed videographers at WinWin Videos captured these customer success stories and turned them into a valuable marketing videos for CUDL.

These videos cut through the noise of standard corporate jargon and advertising, and allow your customers to become an essential partner in promoting your business. You can tell a potential customer how great your company is, but this is a bit like bragging to a stranger about how good-looking you are: it’s not your opinion that matters. That’s why customer success stories are so powerful. Anyone can advertise, but when you have videos of customers sharing how you helped their business thrive, you become much more persuasive.

The Results

If you’re anything like Fisher, your win-win attitude toward your team and clients will shine through in the way they talk about you. CUDL’s clients provided WinWin’s videographers with plenty of great feedback for CUDL’s marketing.

WinWin Video Production – CUDL Testimonial by Shawnee Mission Ford

Their relationship with CUDL provides an “in,” with better access to more credit unions, and the customers they in turn have access to. This is why Shawnee Mission Ford was able to develop so much more business with the Spanish-speaking community in Kansas City, which they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

WinWin Video Production – CUDL Testimonial by Regal Auto Group

Regal Auto Group of Lakeland praised the simplicity of the CUDL financing platform. They love the way it allows them to build and improve relationships to credit unions, and have access to a wide variety of different lenders.

WinWin Video Production – CUDL Testimonial by Morrie’s Automotive Group

Morrie’s Automotive Group of Minnesota loves the access CUDL gives them, allowing them to develop strategic relationships with local credit unions. The simple interface makes it easy for employees to use, and makes for faster and more efficient transactions. The greater access to credit unions afforded by CUDL has substantially increased their profitability.


These stories serve to highlight some of the key benefits that matter to CUDL’s customers: the simplicity of the system, and the strategic benefits it provides in terms of new business development and growth. So cut through the corporate adspeak and let your customers do the talking.

Let the people you serve become your most powerful asset, with WinWin Videos.

By Drew Estes

Digital Marketing & Content Strategist for WinWin Videos

April, 2019

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