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A BG Products Marketing Story

When you visit the BG Products website, you’ll read how they are the recognized global leader in transportation maintenance services and related industries, and how their products are sold through a close-knit global network of independent distributors. BG’s certified service advisors and technicians are people you can trust, trained to know what a vehicle needs. They know the importance and effectiveness of automotive maintenance. But as a potential client of BG, how do you know if it’s the right decision?

At WinWin Videos, we’ve worked with BG long enough to know they have the results to back up these statements. But what if you were an auto shop, weighing your options, and not yet sure whether to believe the claims a potential supplier makes? Smart buyers want to see some evidence before making a purchase. This was a challenge that Danielle Wallace, Content Strategy Manager at BG, wanted to minimize.

The Idea: Let your other clients do the talking

Wallace, with her experience in both B2B and B2C marketing within the automotive industry, has a deep understanding of digital media and content marketing. She saw the potential of WinWin Videos’ customer success story videos as a powerful cross-platform marketing tool, one capable of increasing customer engagement and driving conversions. So she hired WinWin to produce video packages for some of BG’s best clients, and to capture their stories about BG in the process.

The Results: What did the clients say?

In short, the clients WinWin visited explained many reasons why joining the BG team was such a smart decision, and talked at length about how much their customers love and trust BG’s products. In the examples below, notice how real customers prove much more persuasive when talking about a business, compared to a business talking about itself — even when they make similar assertions.

Baker Cadillac:

Bob Berfield of Baker Cadillac has worked with BG for nearly a decade, at multiple dealerships. He notes how BG representatives are always helpful and attentive to his needs. It can prove a major challenge to gain and keep the trust of customers, and while it helps that BG provides some of the best products in the industry, their TruVideo app in particular increases trust and communication with customers by helping them understand what’s really happening with their car. BG’s maintenance tools also allow Baker Cadillac to provide low-cost maintenance up front, which eliminates the risk of costly repairs for the customer.

Win-Win Videos – Baker Cadillac – BG Products Testimonial

Tasca Automotive:

As the Quick Lane Manager of Tasca Automotive, some of the biggest challenges John Stone faces involve keeping up with the demand for Tasca’s services. It may not be the worst problem to have, but it’s a legitimate one nonetheless. To avoid falling behind, Tasca turned to BG. In videos like this, WinWin Videos uncovers multiple benefits that customers find in our clients’ products. Not only do BG products help maximize efficiency and streamline Tasca’s workflow, but BG representatives thoroughly trained their employees on BG products, meaning Tasca advisors now feel confident and informed when selling these products to customers.  

Tasca Automotive – BG Products Testimonial

Barber-Dyson Ford:

At Barber-Dyson Ford Lincoln of Elk City, owner David Dyson has done business with BG for well over a decade. He considers BG a part of the dealership’s team. They’ve learned to trust BG to provide superior products that customers request by name, and employees like how BG’s training lets them take better care of customers. He explains for WinWin Videos that BG not only makes a great partner, but also how it makes economic sense to work with them. To illustrate, he brings up the way BG machines allow his employees to work on multiple parts of a vehicle at the same time, cutting service time in half. So while BG’s products obviously keep customers satisfied, they also allow Dyson’s staff to work faster, more efficiently, and with greater productivity than ever.

Barber-Dyson Ford Lincoln – BG Products Testimonial


Remember, unlike many forms of marketing content, Wallace can now use these videos for BG’s marketing for years to come. Rather than explain to potential new clients why they should trust BG for their auto maintenance needs, she can provide them with high-quality video content of BG’s current clients, talking about how BG helped their business. Shop owners don’t want to hear a sales pitch from a supplier: they want to hear real feedback from fellow shop owners who have tested the products already.

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By Drew Estes

Digital Marketing & Content Strategist for WinWin Videos

May, 2019

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