This Tool Converts Leads into Clients: Now Faster and More Affordably

Imagine you have a set of videos from your most satisfied clients, talking about how much they love working with you. Imagine you can use these videos, again and again, to win over more clients than you know what to do with. Imagine that by doing this, you build deeper relationships with existing clients, and you save time and money because you outsourced all the legwork to WinWin Videos. And imagine these videos get finished faster than ever.

You’re probably thinking this is an exaggeration, and we don’t blame you: it’s an overlap of business strategy and video production that few organizations know how to use yet. It’s a collaborative arrangement that lets companies profit in unique new ways. The word “innovative” is a bit overused these days, but hey, if it means boosting your revenue and public image, why not?

The First Layer – Persuasive Marketing Videos that Inspire Loyalty from Existing Customers

Let’s say an auto supply company, GreatCarProducts, has a very satisfied client: an automotive repair shop called WheelWorks USA. GreatCarProducts understands gratitude is a latent asset, and doesn’t want to waste it. They also wants to thank WheelWorks for being such a great client. So they send over the WInWin Videos team, who capture videos of the WheelWorks team, telling the story of what their relationship with GreatCarProducts has done for WheelWorks’ business. To thank them for their time, GreatCarProducts sponsors videos for WheelWorks as part of the deal. It creates a win-win situation, as both businesses benefit, and their relationship deepens.

But the secret’s out about the power of video marketing online. Videos are an indispensible sales and marketing tool that engage your audience in a way emails and sales pitches fail to do. That’s why 4 out of 5 people have been convinced to buy a brand’s product by watching a video. Everyone wants to promote their business with video now, so prices continue to rise to meet demand. If you act early, you’ll get more value for your money, but what if your budget still doesn’t give you much space for new investments?

The New Layer – Untapped Efficiencies in Shared Video Production

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Fortunately, the WinWin Videos found a solution. Our team loves to uncover hidden opportunities, so we don’t stop with the first clever strategy we find. In the process of working with GreatCarProducts and WheelWorks USA, say we notice that our other client, Auto Supply Inc, also wants a video of their own story with WheelWorks. We work out a deal: while on location at WheelWorks, we capture a video for both GreatCarProducts and for Auto Supply Inc. 

This allows our team to save on travel and preparation costs, and in turn, lets us pass these savings onto both of these clients. In the process, our camera crew saves a trip, so the videos are done faster. Both suppliers get a professional video from a valued client, both sponsor videos for WheelWorks (developing stronger relationships with them), and both save time and money compared to buying videos the normal way.

We call this “piggybacking” the video production team: in the same way you might carpool with someone going the same direction, you can now videographer-pool, where the same videographer captures video for multiple suppliers while on location at a single shop. WinWin Videos is about convenience and quality at a great price, so we use innovative strategies like this to create win-win solutions for everyone involved.


At WinWin Videos, we always want to provide smart solutions that benefit everyone. That’s why we take advantage of superior logistics, like consolidating video production work to maximize efficiency, saving you time and money without sacrificing quality. Now, with our “piggybacked production” setup, you not only increase conversions and build stronger relationships with existing clients, but you save money and get your videos delivered faster.

The majority of our videos focus on people.  However, our 13 year experience includes product video shoots also.  Take a peek at two we recently completed:

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