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How to Get Free Marketing Videos from Your Suppliers

You’ve invested millions into your facility in hopes of a high return. Perhaps you just finished a major remodel. You’ve taken steps to improve the experience not just for your customers, but your staff as well. But what if you’re leaving money on the table?

video camera and article title

If an organization like yours cares about its people, enough to invest in improving the quality of their experience, this can actually turn into a major asset for you.

So how are you showing off the end result to pay for your investment?

Many people turn to 15- and 30-second TV commercials from their manufacturers. But if you’ve done much research, you know these videos don’t cut it. They’re enough for the product maybe, but not enough for you. In other words, their content is focused on the product, not the people.

Nothing is wrong with these videos, of course: they still need to be a part of your marketing mix. But like many approaches, they’re only a fraction of the whole picture.

The question to ask is why should your customers come to you, rather than your competitors? The answer? Because you care. You’ve shown this with your investments, and with your commitment to quality and service. But the thing is, simple product videos won’t show it. 

These days, it’s not enough just to make the investment: you need to spread the word, too. Otherwise, how are new customers supposed to know what you have to offer? To know what sets you apart?

Using Videos That Work

Consider how you use video to showcase your staff or facility, and how well these serve the customer.

When creating a video, it’s certainly less expensive to use green screens, animated still images and other tricks to show what you’ve done. But how will this set you apart, or show your commitment to your customers?

Your videos need to show your store and your staff. So show what you’ve done with the place. Reward your top performers by featuring them. No need to use a spokesperson who can only try to represent you. Your people can do it, and you’d be surprised to see how many would jump at the opportunity, if you properly present it. Not to mention it demonstrates the authenticity that customers want to see. It helps them trust you. 

But this means you can’t settle for canned topics. Sure, vendors have their recommended lists, so it’s easier and less expensive for them to steer your towards their menu. But your product isn’t just a deli club sandwich. It’s a customized and delicious meal, prepared by a chef to create a memorable, mouth watering experience.

Your marketing, like your work, demands special focus and attention.

Your video can and should be customized for you and your organization. The more customized it is, the more your staff will feel valued, and the more you’ll stand out against your competition. Be professional, though: it’s okay to have some candid social media videos, but that’s not going to give your investment the polish and presentation you deserve and should demand. It’s only part of the equation, as it doesn’t convey the skill and professionalism of a genuine marketing video.

Get Custom Marketing Videos: Sponsored by your Suppliers

Many suppliers are starting to partner with their dealerships to subsidize video content (in full and in part) to showcase the dealerships’ unique value. Working with WinWin Videos, they will actually send a video crew to your location to showcase your facility and staff, and how their product helps you realize your vision. 

Your suppliers benefit from your stories of success with them, and you benefit from the staff-centric marketing videos they sponsor for you.

Call it shared video production — a win-win arrangement. Your suppliers are willing to create content both of you can use. They’re willing to sponsor a video production crew for you if it helps you and them. Typically, these shoots yield several videos: videos specific to the dealership, and another one or two the supplier can use to solicit other dealerships. With this setup, everybody wins.

And remember: this is a collaborative effort with your staff and suppliers. Consider your suppliers as partners in this video production. They’re under your umbrella, and dependent upon your success. They are also aware of video’s value, and anxious to use every opportunity they can to leverage its value. They know it can be crafted to speak to the unique characteristics of a wide variety of customer. This means your unique dealership and your unique customers. 

We’re helping dealerships and suppliers leverage this concept. Dealerships can register with us and list their suppliers. We play the matchmakers and production team. We connect suppliers looking for new content with the dealerships who use the supplier’s products or services. Many suppliers don’t even know who their end customers are. They sell through distributors and never see the final sale. So it’s important the link is made between dealership and supplier without having to depend on a distributor.

Of course, many distributors have become aware of this opportunity and are helping to facilitate these projects. However, why wait and hope for a match? The distributor benefits either way, so if your company is suited for it, it’s time to get started.

So consider how you would showcase your shop with video. What do your customers need to know? Which hardworking staff members would you like to highlight? When the time comes to show your customers who they should turn to and you’re looking for a video production service to help, look no further than WinWin Videos.

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By Drew Estes, August 2019

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