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An Easy Guide to Win More Customers

A deeper look at the benefits your customer receives from WinWin Videos.

business presentation and title

You might already know about how WinWin Videos turbocharges your marketing. You might already know how it wins over new customers, and builds trust with your current customers through the benefits you provide them. But how well could you explain WinWin Videos to those current customers when you want to propose the idea to them? Would it be easier if we gave you an article to help explain (in simple language) how much they benefit from working with you on this? If so, read on.

The WinWin Video concept is new enough that you may have some difficulty explaining it to your customers at first. How does it work? What’s in it for them? What’s in it for you? This article is your reference to answer these questions and more.


While we won’t charge your customer for any of what you’re about to read, what we ask from them in return is a bit of their time and cooperation in making these videos. Upon confirmation that you’ll be doing a shoot with us, we send them an outline of the shoot schedule, explaining any information we need from them beforehand. This outline also explains anything they’ll need to know to get the most out of the shoot.

We also send a document of frequently asked questions, which shows what to expect from start to finish when working with us.

But the most important part of pre-shoot preparation is the shoot outline, which helps us streamline the process and get the best possible results for the final products. It includes who will be in each video, and gives your customer time to consider the questions we’ll ask in the videos. This gives them time to arrange for someone to take over individual employee responsibilities during the brief part of the workday when they’ll be busy recording with us. Your customer can also tell us of any specific requests, such as proper pronunciation and branding, or how to best target your ideal market, so we can plan accordingly.

On an agreed date, we’ll arrive at your customers’ business in the morning, and shoot for about half a day. We understand they are running a business while we’re there. While we have a clearly defined schedule and want to adhere to it, we also realize they may have interruptions and can work around their schedule.

So what do these videos look like? What can you expect? Below we detail what each video will provide your customer.

1. Business Overview

As mentioned, we send all questions beforehand so the customer has plenty of time to consider their responses before the shoot. The business overview presents who they are and the unique value they offer their customers. What makes them stand out? What keeps their customers coming back? What do their star employees do that serves the business and its customers?

This type of video is great for website landing pages, emails, adding to YouTube and other video sites, and anywhere they’d like to offer people a quick way to get a sense for who they are and what to expect from them. And because this video focuses more on who they are as a business, your customer can keep on using it for years to come.

2. Staff Recruiting Video

In this video, we highlight why their industry — and more specifically, their business — is a great career choice. We show potential new employees why they should consider a job with the organization. What can your customer provide them that other employers don’t? This provides an effective hiring tool, giving their online presence the professional edge to win more high-performing employees.

3. Customer Success Story

In this video, we interview one or two of their satisfied end customers to produce a video showing why they keep coming back, and ask these end customers about the things they like best about working with your customer. We get their endorsement for the business, so other end customers know who to rely on.

Supplier Case Study

This is the video your customer produces for you. It’s similar to the previous one, only they’re the customer now, and you, the sponsor, are the business in the spotlight. You receive this video in return for sponsoring the above videos. In it, your customer explains how working with you and using your products has helped their business grow and thrive. It also includes questions provided by you about their experience working with you, allowing you to hone in on preferred talking points. This video will highlight the ways you stand out against the competition.

To learn more about how this all works, check out this video “What We Do and How We Do it” below. (Or simply follow this link).

Professional Quality

WinWin means production value you can count on. While on the property, we’ll also collect B-roll, gathering a series of quick shots to give all of these videos a professional touch. This might include shots like customers entering your shop, wide shots of your building exterior, shots of your employees at work, interactions with customers, drone footage, and more. You can see examples of this in the video above.

This type of footage also serves to help potential customers easily imagine themselves visiting your shop and buying your products, which is much more effective at converting new customers than the interviews alone. Any sensitive information can be blurred or edited out.


Remember: this is all free for your customer, paid for by you in exchange for your video. All we require is a small amount of their time and cooperation. You and your customer can request up to 2 rounds of edits before any charges are incurred, though we try to deliver your videos in a final form that does not require edits. Beyond that, there are only a few bonus requests that may incur costs (to divide as you see fit), such as substituting different types of video, or doing one expanded video in the place of multiple shorter ones.

All we need from your customer is their cooperation in preparation, and a person on-site to help show us around and direct us where they’d like the videos to be shot. They need to show us the important areas of their business. For example, they may have just purchased a new machine that’s next to several others and want us to showcase that particular machine. We need their help identifying which is which.

If this type of digital marketing content sounds like something you could add to your marketing toolkit, contact us today. Simply call 800.272.7222 or email to get started. Talk to your customers and let them know you’d be willing sponsor the WinWin Video package for them.


By Drew Estes, September 2019

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