The ROI of B2B Video

Part 1: Define your goals and understand your objectives

Why should you understand the ROI from your marketing video? After a video goes live, we want to evaluate its performance and its success. We want to know money was spent wisely and why video remains part of your marketing budget.

Marketers agree: video content has the highest ROI

When you can predict the benefits of your new video, you can evaluate its success. When there is an increase in business, can we attribute it to a customer success video?

With today’s analytics capabilities, we can. We know videos are an indispensable part of every online strategy because our customers can measure their success.

So, how do you understand the value a video brings to your business? First, we need to define the goals. What are the central goals of a video marketing strategy?

Increased Sales

The bottom line for business owners and marketing professionals alike is to ultimately increase sales. We want to increase your overall customer base, and increase your customer acquisition. 

Lead Generation

Leads come in many forms. They include newsletter sign ups, but more importantly, they can include a phone call to speak about your products and services. And better yet, for a brick and mortar business, a walk-in is the best kind of lead. 

Brand Awareness 

Video gets the word out. A customer success video is engaging and the more eyes watching, the better. First time viewers are a great sign of success at bringing attention to your brand, but don’t forget about the potential boost in brand loyalty from your existing customers.

SEO for Local Search

Ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) for your city can do a great deal for your profits. Organic traffic and warm leads headed right onto your site. They’re a bit like the walk-ins of the web.


Great content helps any company standout in a crowd. And there is no better content than a video customer success story to meet these objectives.

The list here shows the areas we’ll be focusing on. Next, we’ll talk metrics, and how to move the needle in your marketing efforts. To stay in the loop, consider subscribing to our newsletter below.

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