Job Posting: Web Development Intern

Web Development Intern



The Web Development intern will work within our Digital Marketing department to…

1.) Audit and Optimize current website infrastructure

2.) Manage upcoming website creation

3.) Assist with Core Marketing Strategy by providing unique web dev experience


The position is on-site, in our Portland, OR, office. Lunch per diem and MAX Light Rail reimbursement are provided.


Specific tasks will include:
  • Working directly with Director of Digital Marketing to refine, conceive and create websites, logos and web dev workflow
  • Integrate recommendations of Marketing Committee and provide insights from the trenches
  • Stay up to speed and inform the team on applicable trends or news in your field
  • Getting NERDY with it – our websites were created by a non-Computer Science nerd, so we need a better nerd to come in and clean up – whatever you see that can be done better, DO IT!


Ideal Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate for this position is a high-energy, self-motivated and deadline-driven team player. We are a growing company of 10-20 employees, so candidates should expect to hit the ground running. We are in need of an ALL-STAR student that is going to bring some value to the table beyond just being a warm body.

We all have primary responsibilities but wear different hats as needed – this means you must be willing to step outside your comfort zone or pick up the team’s slack once in a while.

Strong candidates will be considered for an internship period of 3 months, with the possibility for future full-time employment. Your opportunity with us will truly be as Big or Small as you make it!!


  • BA / BS in Computer Science, Web Development or similar (or on track to achieve)
  • Demonstrated understanding of web design as well as SEO principles and optimization.
  • Mastery of at least HTML and CSS
  • Exceptional verbal and written communications skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and web apps such as Insightly & WordPress
  • High level of professionalism, Positive Attitude, Ability to Think Strategically, Reliable Transportation and a Strong Work Ethic


App Requirements
  1. Send the following to ‘’:
    • Cover Letter
    • Resume
    • References
    • Current Transcript (an ‘unofficial’ copy is OK!)
  2. If tapped for an interview, be prepared to answer the following questions:
    • What is a trend you are noticing on the World Wide Web, and why do you think it is a game-changer?
    • If you did something AMAZING and we rewarded you with anything you wanted regardless of cost (a puppy, a Mt. Hood Meadows pass, a Jet plane, etc.), what would that reward be??


Save Time in Service After the Sale

Do your New Customers ask the same questions after each purchase?


“How do I light the stove?” – “How do I know the propane tank is on?”

Save your Service Department time and money while educating first-time buyers with RV Dealer Videos!

RV Dealers nationwide are answering common maintenance questions and providing preventative care tips in brief clips, then bundling the How-To Videos with each RV purchase.




– Media272 & RVDealer Videos, July 2017 –


How-To: Get Testimonials & Deploy them Correctly

We all need Testimonials from our customers – but how do we get them on video??

Customers are impossibly busy, as camera-shy as we are, plus they’re being asked to critique a service while its provider is standing in front of them?? It’s delicate and not easy – but not impossible!

Here are some methods we employ to efficiently and unobtrusively gather Win-Win Video Testimonials for our commercial clients:


Go to Customer When It’s Convenient for Them

This should be obvious. Unfortunately, it’s usually not the case. How many testimonial videos are shot just after the customer has purchased the product or service while they’re still “captive?”

Prospects see right through that! It’s more respectful, authentic and relevant when you visit the customer in their environment to ask “How’s it going?” and “How are we doing?”



Put Subject at Ease

Ask them to speak off camera. Your videographer should stand to the side of the camera and ask them leading conversational questions.

They’ll respond speaking to your videographer as though their casually answering those questions. Few people are comfortable looking at a camera, so design your shoot accordingly.

Coach them to relax and if necessary get them to talk about something else to loosen up. Finally, let them answer the questions a couple of different times. Let them know you’ll shoot a few takes so the editors can cut and paste their best responses.

Ultimately, your videographer’s goal is to coach them to look their best.

Give Them Something for Their Time

Everyone loves Starbucks, Home Depot or a complimentary meal at a nice restaurant. Your customers’ time is valuable even if you visit them at their office – Treat it as such and give them something!

Ideally, their boss and peers see what you’ve done or are included, and you’ve just added more fans for your product or service.


– Media272, June 2017 –