Value of Video

As we get into the swing of 2018, it’s important to pause and examine what’s changing in marketing — and boy are things are changing fast. Videos have become increasingly prevalent as a means of communication, from news feeds to emails and the homepages of websites. However, this is hardly surprising when you look at the power they hold.

The State of Online Video in 2018

    Consider, for a moment, the latest staggering stats. Worldwide, people watch an average of 5 hours and 45 minutes of online video weekly—a 34% increase from 2016, based on the results of Limelight Network’s “The State of Online Video 2017” consumer survey. By 2021, a million minutes of video content will cross global IP networks every second, according to Cisco; at that… Read More


3rd Annual Fixed Ops Conference & Expo

In November, Media272 President & Founder Jon Nigbor presented at the 3rd Annual Fixed Ops Expo & Conference, a mindshare event held by the automotive industry’s preferred resource – Fixed Ops Magazine. The presentation focused on how to recruit automotive techs with video, plus some common misconceptions about the auto industry and how video marketing helps to overcome them. You can check out the… Read More

Rhino Linings Video Testimonials

    Over the last 7 months, Media272 has been happy to provide Rhino Linings with a series of Service Overview, Supplier Testimonial and Customer Testimonial videos as part of our Win-Win Videos package. Rhino Linings, an industry-leader in heavy-duty protectants and outstanding customer service, understands the value of communicating their clients’ success to the world. Starting with R.T.A.C. in San Diego and most… Read More

How To: Upgrade Your Paper Business Card

        We’ve written before about the slow death of paper business cards, but people in many industries still find them useful. It is interesting to note that despite a clear decline in paper card printing, business cards of any type still yield a 2.5 percent growth in sales per every 2,000 distributed. This is due to unique, eye-catching and techno-savvy advancements… Read More

How To: Leverage Video Business Cards

    As you may know, traditional paper business cards are going out of style. A better alternative is the video business card – a personalized video to explain your business and the unique value you offer. But how do we use them in practice? Their electronic nature means you have more flexibility in how you choose utilize them, and some methods may suit… Read More

Win-Win Videos

Supplier Testimonials that increase Distribution and grow National Presence by showcasing your top clients.

WorkForce Videos

Showcase your staff and entice top candidates with WorkForce Videos.

WhyYou Videos

Providing auto dealership customers the answers they seek: “Why Buy New?”, “Why Finance?”, and more.

RV Dealer Videos

84% of businesses use video for website marketing. Do you?